TAC PRO Download-and-play Profile Setups

Default Profile Setups for BF1, COD and Rainbow Six.Download these pre-made profile setups for the best experience.

TAC comes with a high-speed optical gaming mouse. To get the best out of it we recommend you use a mouse-mat.

Custom Profiles

Load the profiles below to automatically set the TAC Pro to ideal settings for specific games and play styles.

  1. Make sure the TAC Software is not running (close TAC Software if open).
  2. In Windows, open “Documents”, then open the “TAC Software” folder.
  3. Open the “TAC PRO” folder, and then open the “Profile” folder of your selected console (ProfilePS4, ProfilePS3, or ProfilePC).
  4. Copy the “.tac4” profile file into this folder.
  5. Open the TAC Software and load the profile into the TAC PRO normally.

First thing to do: set your in-game settings to default. Tweak in-game settings AFTER installing the below TAC profiles.



Battlefield 1 Profile Setups



Rainbow Six Siege Profile Setups



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Profile Setups



Overwatch Profile Setup