Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini for the Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini for the Nintendo Switch

Main Features

Steering Wheel

External dimensions:about (width) 220mm × (depth) 270mm × (height) 240mm
Steering Diameter:About 220mm
Weight:About 700g
Cable length:Approximately 3m
Angle of Rotation:About 180°


Connect Method:USB
Connect to Ninteno Switch Dock via USB
You can connect multiple wheels at the same time.

Foot Pedals

External dimensions:about (width) 180mm × (depth) 170mm × (height) 100mm
Weight:About 300g
Cable length:Approximately 1.5m


※Please connect this product to the Nintendo Switch Dock. This product cannot connect to Nintendo Switch Console directly.

※This product does not support the following features.

・Gyro Sensor ・Accelerometer ・Motion IR Camera ・Player LED ・HD Rumble ・HOME Button Notification LED ・NFCGyroscope

※This product can be connected to the Switch Lite console by using the HORI Multiport USB PlayStand for the Nintendo Switchor the Dual USB PlayStand for the Nintendo Switch



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